International Socioeconomics Laboratory
International Socioeconomics Laboratory

Start a Chapter

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory supports its mission to promote socioeconomic learning and research by giving students from the high school to undergraduate level the opportunity to nurture a branch of the Laboratory’s network in their institution. Year-round, any student in any corner of the world is welcome to create an International Socioeconomics Laboratory Chapter—“mini” school-based research laboratories in which members collectively author socioeconomic research and projects. With the support of Laboratory staff who will provide needed resources and work closely with Chapters, these official branches of the Laboratory closely emulate the functions of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory.

Why start a Chapter?

Establishing a chapter of the Laboratory in your high school or college is an ideal way to obtain leadership of your own research laboratory capable of producing original findings and innovative projects that will be published by the International Socioeconomics Laboratory. Through this more regionally specific branch, you are able to lead studies that are of more significance in your area and spearhead change within your immediate community while always contributing to the “parent” Laboratory’s wholescale vision and impact. Each summer, chapters will also have the opportunity to come together and compete in the Socioeconomics Symposium, allowing them to observe the work of peer chapters and showcase their own creations for the chance to obtain scholarships and prestigious recognitions.

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