International Socioeconomics Laboratory
International Socioeconomics Laboratory
Portrait of Sarah Derkach


Sarah Derkach

President at International Socioeconomics Laboratory

Sarah Derkach is the President of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory. As president of the Laboratory, she strives to expand the institutes network, increase research opportunities for international students, and collaborate on innovative initiatives that address various socioeconomic issues. Sarah joined the organization because of her driving interest in economics and evaluating prevalent economic issues around the world. She hopes to use the ISL as a platform for producing research that will create policy and legislation. Her aim is to write papers that will inform other students of the importance and statistics of these matters. In regards to the stock and real estate market, healthcare systems and medical service insurance, financial literacy and education, and wage and benefit distribution in different business structures, Sarah hopes to provide research and data that will help inform others of the value of addressing these pressing issues and bring new innovative solutions.