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International Socioeconomics Laboratory
Portrait of Dr Ludomir Lozny

Ludomir R. Lozny

Academic Facilitator at ISL

Dr. Ludomir Lozny is an Archaeologist/anthropologist, teacher, researcher, editor, and is the Academic Facilitator at the International Socioeconomics Laboratory. Dr. Lozny has 25 years of academic teaching, research and cultural resource management. He is an author and editor of eight books, author of 23 book chapters, 17 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 25 book reviews. Presented 23 papers on academic conferences in the US and Europe. He has organized five international academic sessions and symposia. Supervised Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III archaeological fieldwork. Author, co-author, and contributor to over 100 CRM reports.

In his 25 years of academic teaching and research experience: City University of New York, Dowling College, Hofstra University, Long Island University, and William Patterson University. Courses taught: Introduction to Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Rise of Civilizations, Ethnology of Native Americans, North American Archaeology, Old World Archaeology, Ancient Peoples and Cultures, Applied Anthropology, Applied Archaeology, Field Archaeology and Laboratory Analysis, Conflict and Terrorism, Research Design, Quantitative Methods. Recipient of several research grants including Fulbright Fellowship.

Managing Editor at Human Ecology since 1998. Co-editor of two book series: Studies in Human Ecology and Adaptation and SpringerBriefs in Human Ecology, both published by Springer.