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International Socioeconomics Laboratory
Portrait of Cynthia Tan


Cynthia Tan

Editor In Chief

Cynthia Tan is heavily involved in various social science disciplines. She is currently the Editor in Chief at the International Socioeconomics Laboratory and is a published researcher in the field of healthcare. Her passion for socioeconomic research can be traced back to her first encounter on the debate team in her first year of high school, where she spent significant time researching emerging countries as well as foreign and domestic policies. She is also the president of her class for a consecutive four years at Stuyvesant. During her time at high school she has been interning and working in multiple political campaigns. After learning about the various disciplines of social sciences, Cynthia decided to venture her passion for social science and join the laboratories Social Science Research team to dive deeper into the social sciences and research her own questions about the world around her.