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Black Rock ‘n’ Rollers? Not As Uncommon As You’d Think

Music is universal. It is an art form with roots deeply grounded in almost every culture in the world. With Korean Pop (K-pop)’s rise in popularity, the last few years have taught people that music knows no language or nationality.

By Kilhah St Fort


Breaking Down the Relationship Between Music & the Teenage Human Psyche

Music is the art of arranging sounds and crafting harmonious melodies. It has always bridged different cultures, a chiasm for shared experiences, and, for many, a haven away from hectic reality.

By Stanley Huang & Sudiptha Paul


Double Standards In the Music Industry

When first beginning my research process for this article, I typed two searches into Google. I began with “A career timeline of Harry Styles…”, and the suggested searches included things such as a timeline of Styles’ acting projects or albums.

By Margaret Kelly


Music Therapy Is A Reality Changer

From brightening our moods to staving off fatigue to even changing our perception of things, music can do so much for humans. There is no doubt that different forms of music have a profound influence on the psyche, so how can one use music as a form of therapy instead of just entertainment?

By Arithra Das


Economic Shifts In The Music Industry Reflect The Times We Live In

To a casual observer, the current music industry may seem saturated with certain artists or genres. But despite living through a pandemic that has resulted in record-high unemployment rates, the music industry has not reflected these challenges and upholds the previous mainstream structure of musical ideas.

By Chyonika Roy


How Has Music Affected American Politics Over the Years?

Music has always had a prominent impact on our society and culture, including politics. The relationship between music and politics dates back to Ancient Egypt, when Deities were adulated in songs and many women amongst the elite had titles, for example, “chantress of Amun,” exhibiting the significance of music in the cliques of the divine beings.

By Jane Vu


In Conversation With Matthew Longo, Program Manager of the NYC Department of Buildings

Matt Longo is the current program manager of youth and industry engagement at the New York City Department of Buildings. Before that, he worked for the Skadden Arps Honors Program and Legal Studies, an academic program at the City College of New York.

By Adelene Guo, Anthony Mathai, Arithra Das


Why KPOP Is Profitable, But White-Washed

K-pop has been around for decades and has had tremendous effects in Asia since 1999. K-Pop has evolved from the first generation to the fourth generation and as it grew, so did South Korea’s economy.

By Adie Guo, Jocelyn Wang & Sandy Zhang