International Socioeconomics Laboratory
International Socioeconomics Laboratory

We believe everyone can make a positive impact on the world.

At the International Socioeconomics Laboratory, we believe that everyone can make a positive impact on the world, regardless of race, gender, age, or skill-sets. Take your skills & together we will make a huge difference in our world this summer.

Frequently asked questions about applying

Is there an application fee and/or a price for applying/attending the fellowship with the International Socioeconomics Laboratory? add

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory is proud to announce that we do not set a price to apply nor attend our fellowship programs. From the gracious work of supporters worldwide we are committed in creating the best virtual experience possible all for free.

What can I expect to learn at the International Socioeconomics Laboratory?add

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory focused on issues found in the fields of social science, economics, law, healthcare, and psychology all with the goal to innovate public policy. By creating empirical research we hope to create legislative change to build a more sustainable and equitable future.

How to Apply

Three hundred students will be selected this summer for our third annual joint empirical research fellowship and college course. The International Socioeconomics Laboratory Summer Research Fellowship in Economics, Social Science, Law, Healthcare, & Psychology to innovate public policy through data is a free virtual program open to all undergraduate and high school students around the world. Rising Senior Undergraduates, Graduates, & Doctorates are invited to apply as a Principal Investigator to head research studies at the laboratory this summer as well.

Our fellowship will be the first to provide an integrated research experience and simultaneously present a college-level data interpretation course for certification. Research fellows will work alongside peers from all around the world, creating empirical studies that provide valuable research experience and helping us make legislative change to build a more sustainable and equitable future. Fellows will also work with post-graduate principal investigators and graduate research mentors from various institutions.


Application Tips

When applying to the International Socioeconomics Laboratory the core element to your application is your research proposal. View the submission guide in the link below.


What we look for

At the International Socioeconomics Laboratory we look for students who are fueled with passion to make the world a better place.

When reading your application our admission team takes a special focus at your research proposal to see what you can achieve in a rigorous environment. We hope to attract students who are determined to make a positive change completely in a virtual environment.


Applications for the Summer 2021 Socioeconomic Fellowship are closed. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted in our most difficult selection yet.

On the right is the common dates that the laboratory uses regarding applications and such. For questions please email us and we will be sure to accommodate.

Admissions Deadlines

April 25th

On April 25th the application page for all three openings have begun. The official proposal has been updated and fitted for the specific year the fellowship is being held. We wish every candidate good luck.

June 15th

On June 15th is the official deadline for your application. Due to high demand and volume of applications we do not accept late applications. If you are affected by an unforeseen incident please email us to get you accommodated. Interview and results will be sent out in the upcoming two - four weeks.