International Socioeconomics Laboratory
International Socioeconomics Laboratory

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The International Socioeconomics Laboratory™ (ISL) is a global peer-reviewed research network of young adults that strives to find innovative solutions to socio-economic issues with research to find the root cause of such topics. ISL will publish open-access research on original studies with data analysis through surveys and experiments. The goal of ISL is clear; assess and address the issues that face our society and create solutions to them to foster a more significant, better community.

Your donation is a crucial investment in rebooting the research field in a more inclusive way by improving access to high-growth free research opportunities for people of color, women, and others underrepresented in STEM as well as students all across the country.


What does the work accomplish?

The work done in the ISL serves as the foundation for the work done by its sister institute, Finxerunt. We plan on having our research be used by Finxerunt to create policies that will address the shortcomings that stem from society and its current state. Our research will also be used to serve as the basis for ISL’s and Finxerunt’s campaigns, podcasts, and films; while the work Finxerunt does is from a political standpoint, the work of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory™ will adhere more towards social change. Both institutions share a common goal: bringing about positive change in the world.

Where will the money go?

All sponsorships/donations we receive will go towards operating expenses. The expenses include scholarships, research publications, our yearly symposium, massive projects that impact millions of lives, and any other resources needed to run the International Socioeconomic Laboratory